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Christmas Break Resources for Students

The UCS will be closed between the 24/12/20 and the 03/01/21 (inclusive).

This guide has been put together by the Mental Health Advisor team at the UCS. The guide details the support available to students during this time.

Self-help for students

If you are a student at the University of Cambridge, and you are struggling to manage your own mental health over the festive period, there are a number of resources available to you dependant on your needs.

When might I be struggling with my mental health?

You might be struggling with your mental health if you notice that over a period of time you have been withdrawing from others.  This could be not staying in touch with friends, keeping to yourself in your bedroom, not responding to text messages, or avoiding situations where you might come into contact with others e.g. mealtimes, going to the shops. You might also notice that you have less energy or feel less motivated, or perhaps it’s the opposite and you feel that you have a lot of energy and are acting out of character. You might find it hard to compete normal everyday tasks and responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, self-care, and you might be struggling to keep up with your studies. You might start to feel hopeless and as if things will never change or get better.

You can go on to or MIND for more detailed information on the types of warning signs that you might notice if you start to struggle with your mental health.

When you are struggling with your mental health it can be difficult to carry on as normal, and you might find it hard to keep doing the things that normally keep you well, or you might struggle to think of what you can do or who you can call for help and support.

In order to make accessing help for your mental health easier over the festive period, the University Counselling Service has created a guide of the support available for you to access, both in Cambridge or nationally. These resources have been divided up into the following categories:

1.    Who can I call for support?
2.    Where can I got for support?
3.    What can I do to help myself?

In each of these categories there is information about resources available both locally to Cambridge, and nationally across the UK. There is also information about services for crisis support, and those that you can access if you are not yet at the crisis point but are struggling to manage.

If you are not sure which services or resources will be helpful for you, there is a flow diagram to help guide you to the most helpful services for your needs