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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

We run two kinds of groups:

  • Groups meet over a period of several weeks
  • Workshops are one-off events

Most of our groups meet weekly for 90 minutes and tend to have between 8 - 12 members. Stand-alone workshops are also generally 90 minutes, but may have a larger number of participants. Unless otherwise stated all our groups and workshops are open to undergraduates and postgraduates.

All groups and workshops are led by experienced counsellors.

Why join a group?

Working in a group is a more effective form of help than individual counselling for many people and many difficulties. However, workshops or group counselling are not right to help with every situation and the choice remains with you.

Counselling groups offer a place where you can practise different ways of behaving in a safe and supportive environment. For example, if you find it difficult to talk in groups, then you are also likely to feel this in a counselling group. The difference is that the group can offer encouragement and help in overcoming the difficulty you feel.

In joining a group, you would be expected to listen carefully to the other members and seek to understand their concerns and support them wherever you can. You will also have time to receive support for yourself. Trust and respect for each member are important. You will be expected to respect the confidential nature of the material that others bring to the group.

Sign up for a group

You can only attend one group at a time. Please register for your first choice this term by filling in the Group registration form.

We would usually arrange a brief meeting between you and the group counsellor. You can discuss the group in more detail before making a commitment to join.

You would be expected to attend your group regularly and punctually, or to give advance notice if you cannot come. You are welcome to book places on our workshops alongside your other counselling.

Sign up for a workshop

To register for a workshop, please fill in the Workshop registration form.

Once we receive your form, you will get a text message to confirm your place. If you register for multiple workshops at the same time, you will receive one text confirming your place on all of them. Please make a note of the workshops you have booked onto.

If the workshop is online, you will receive the Zoom invitation to attend up to a day before it starts. To join the online workshops, you will need to either download Zoom or install the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Easter Term timetable


Title Date Time Location

Self-Compassion Group

Closed for registrations    

Learning to be Assertive Group

Closed for registrations    
Self-Esteem Closed for registrations    
Bereavement Group Closed for registrations    


Workshops for all students

Title Date Time Location
Understanding & Managing Your Anxiety     Closed for registration
Address your Stress     Closed for registration
Imposter Syndrome     Closed for registration
Understanding & Managing Procrastination     Closed for registration
Exam Workshop     Closed for registration
Time Well Spent     Closed for registration
Introduction to Self-Compassion     Closed for registration
Understanding & Managing Low Mood     Closed for registration
A Good Night's Sleep     Closed for registration
Learning Grounding & Self-Soothing Techniques     Closed for registration

How Art Thou?

    Closed for registration
Perfectionism     Closed for registration

Workshops for postgraduate students

Title Date Time Location
Time Well Spent Closed for registration    
How to Get the Best Out of Your Supervisory Relationship Closed for registration