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Do you have difficulty articulating your feelings, expressing how it is that you feel or putting your feelings into words? Would you like to develop a method that will help you better identify your emotional self? If so, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop you will make use of an art-related method to help you become more aware of hard-to-reach feelings or to become more aware of what you feel. The method you will be introduced to can alleviate symptoms of distress, help you put language on your emotions and improve your general well-being and experiencing. It can be a positive experience, acting as a catalyst by tapping into the well of resilience that lies within you and can be particularly helpful for anyone who is unable to articulate what they are feeling or express their distress, anxiety or confusion. 

This is NOT an art class and NO art experience is required to participate in the workshop. All materials will be provided.

What to expect:

You will engage in the process of creating an image from art materials and you will be guided on how to access the meaning behind your image. The workshop will involve self-reflection and sharing your experience of the process. You will be helped to think about how you can integrate the art method into your daily life, so that you can better understand and regulate your emotions and improve your well-being.

To sign up for this workshop, please complete the workshop registration form.

This workshop is held in person, on the third floor of the Student Services Centre.