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Learn Grounding and Self-Soothing Techniques: explore exercises which will help you keep present and calm

Life is not always easy, there may be situations where you feel panicked, overwhelmed with thoughts or emotions.  You may experience panic attacks.  This is where grounding and self-soothing techniques can help.  They enable you to keep present and calm.  Being able to self-soothe allows us to relax and reduces feelings of distress or anxiety. 

This workshop will go through a range of grounding and self-soothing techniques.  We will try a selection of exercises, with the aim that by the end of it you will have an idea of those which work best for you.

The techniques we will go through can be done anywhere at any time and are a useful resource to have to hand and can help to increase your resilience.


To register your interest in attending a group or workshop, please complete the group or workshop registration form, which can be found by clicking onto the following link: Complete Groups or Workshop Registration Form online.

All University Counselling Service workshops will be held remotely, online via until further notice.

In order to for students to join the workshops, you will need to either download Zoom ( or install the app on your mobile phone or tablet (search for Zoom US).