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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

Have you been feeling down? Low in energy and motivation? Less interested in things you used to enjoy?

Feeling low or depressed can be an isolating experience. In this group you will be able to hear from other students who feel similarly to you and have an opportunity to talk about your own experiences.

The group is semi structured and will also look at the causes of low mood and offer practical tools and CBT strategies

- Using Behavioural Activation to help re-gain your routine, structure and improve balance of activities in your day.

- Looking at cognitive techniques to reduce rumination and improve problem solving and feelings of stuckness.

To register your interest in attending a group or workshop, please complete the group or workshop registration form, which can be found by clicking onto the following link: Complete Groups or Workshop Registration Form online.

If you are already in individual counselling, speak with your counsellor. A pre-group exploratory meeting with the group counsellor will then be arranged for you.  

During the COVID-19 situation, all University Counselling Service groups will be held remotely, online via until further notice.

In order to for students to join the group, you will need to either download Zoom ( or install the app on your mobile phone or tablet (search for Zoom US).