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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

Have you been feeling down? Low in energy and motivation? Stuck in a bit downward spiral?

Would you like to develop healthier habits to improve your mood?

Using CBT principles and techniques this workshop aims to help you to;

- re-gain your routine, create structure and improve the balance of activities in your day.

- reduce rumination and improve problem solving and feelings of stuckness.

- feel less alone by being able to hear from other students who are feeling similarly.

To register your interest in attending a group or workshop, please complete the group or workshop registration form, which can be found by clicking onto the following link: Complete Groups or Workshop Registration Form online.

If you are already in individual counselling, speak with your counsellor. A pre-group exploratory meeting with the group counsellor will then be arranged for you.  

During the COVID-19 situation, all University Counselling Service groups will be held remotely, online via until further notice.

In order to for students to join the group, you will need to either download Zoom ( or install the app on your mobile phone or tablet (search for Zoom US).