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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

The postgraduate group offers an opportunity to explore issues that concern you, such as relationships, direction, identity, difficulties in academic life, or to gain support over the longer term with problems which are unlikely to be resolved quickly.  It can be a ‘time out’ from university life, which may feel pressurised or isolated and, amongst other things, can offer support through the sometimes solitary experience of independent study and research.

The supportive and nurturing environment of the postgraduate group provides an opportunity to explore your experience of life at university or beyond, whether connected with the present or the past.  The group is experiential and meetings are based on free-flowing discussion.  Exploring and reflecting on your thoughts and feelings, and seeing yourself through the eyes of others, may help you to gain insight and, in turn, bring your own understanding into the group to help others. The group may help you to achieve personal growth and effect change. 

Commitment to regular attendance is essential to allow trust to be built within the group, as absences can affect group cohesion.   Group members need to be prepared to commit for 15 weeks. The postgraduate group continues through the vacations, with a one or two-week break around major UK public holidays. 

As with individual counselling, the discussions held in the group are confidential.   We believe that it is helpful for students not to have a pre-existing relationship with anyone else in the group and would address this if it should become apparent when the group first meets.  Throughout the life-time of the group, we ask that group members do not arrange to see one another, and also that the group is informed if any unplanned contact does occur.  Cambridge is a small place!

To register your interest in the postgraduate group, please complete the group registration form, which can be found by clicking on the following link: Complete Groups or Workshop Registration Form online. 

If places remain available, you will be offered an individual pre-group meeting with the group facilitator to decide whether the group is a suitable option at this time, as well as a chance to ask any questions about the group.