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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

College-Based Counselling

College Based Counselling 

  • We are offering in person counselling appointments for students plus remote/online appointments if preferred, via (audio or video).
  • The appointments will usually last for around 50 minutes.
  • Your College counsellor will send you an invitation for your appointment in advance, usually on the morning of your appointment.
  • We can arrange follow-up emotional support appointments for students who remain abroad.
  • Where appropriate we can also signpost you to other sources of support.

College-Based Counselling is usually provided during FULL TERM in colleges taking part in this scheme. The College-Based Counsellors are part of the wider University Counselling Service (UCS) and governed by the same confidentiality policies, procedures and professional standards. 

How do I arrange an appointment?

Please follow the link below:

Making an Appointment

Please remember to select your College when applying.

Why choose College-Based Counselling?

Some students like the option of accessing counselling at their college within a familiar environment, whereas others may prefer the neutral setting of the UCS. This personal choice may also depend on your timetable, proximity to specific sites during term time, and both yours and the counsellor’s availability.

The welfare staff within your college, your family or friends may also signpost you to counselling, however the decision to apply is up to you.

How does it work?

The College-Based Counsellor is on-site during term time for a specific day/days of the week.

The Counsellor primarily offers a brief counselling model working to an agreed focus with advice on alternative support and/or onward referral where appropriate.

What happens if I want to apply to both the University Counselling Service and the College-Based Counsellor?

If you apply to the UCS at the same time as College-Based Counselling you will be added to both waiting lists and ensure being offered an appointment at the first available location.  

Regardless of where you receive counselling, you will continue to have full access to the UCS self-help resources and their available groups and workshops.

Please note the College-Based Counsellor is generally only available in FULL TERM.  At all other times counselling can be accessed at UCS.

(Please be aware that it is not possible to attend both services at the same time)

Does my College have a College-Based counsellor?

The following colleges are currently taking part in this scheme:


Please note some Colleges may also have a Counsellor available as part of their welfare provision, this is independent to the College-Based Counselling scheme.