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University Counselling Service

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College-Based Counselling at Girton College

In addition to the University Counselling Service (UCS), Girton College provides a free and confidential College-Based Counselling service for all undergraduate and postgraduate students registered at the College.

College-Based Counselling is a scheme at the University Counselling Service and subject to the same policies and procedures, including confidentiality.

Many people sort out problems by talking to friends, family or staff in their College or Department.  Sometimes looking up some information about things that are concerning them is helpful and UCS has a large selection of self-help information available on this website.  However, there are times when this is not enough and you may wish to speak to the College-Based Counsellor in a private setting in your College.

  • We are offering in person appointments for students plus remote/online appointments via (audio or video).
  • The appointments will usually last for around 50 minutes.
  • We can arrange follow-up emotional support appointments for students who remain abroad.
  • Where appropriate we can also signpost you to other sources of support.

Please apply for counselling in the usual way and remember to select your College. See below:

How do I make an appointment?

The College-Based Counsellors at Girton are available on a Thursday and Friday during FULL TERM.

To arrange an appointment, please complete the 'Student Pre-Counselling Form' on our secure website.  On the second page, please ensure you indicate that you are a member of Girton by choosing the specified drop-down option.

If you apply to the UCS at the same time as College-Based Counselling you will be added to both waiting lists and ensure being offered an appointment at the first available location.  

The form is intended to be thought-provoking, but you do not need to give long answers; you can also put "I would prefer to talk about this in person" if it is difficult to write about.  It can be submitted securely to the Counselling Service online; you will need your Raven password to use this facility. To access this route, please click on the link below:

Please be aware that the online form requires completion within a 3hr time frame for security, after which it automatically shuts down (you may want to save your data in case the session is close to expiring).  We also recommend, that you do not send the form from a mobile phone.

If you prefer to download a Word version of the 'Pre-Counselling Form' and email this to us, please click on the following link:

Download Student Pre-Counselling Form [Word, 44.9KB]

The information you give will remain confidential within the Counselling Service.

Receiving an offer for a Remote Appointment

After receiving your form, we will send you an email acknowledgement.

As soon as an appointment becomes available, it will also be offered to you by email and you will be asked to confirm as soon as you are able.

During peak times, your details may be placed on the waiting list until a suitable appointment becomes available.

If you are no longer able to attend a first appointment, please let us know as early as possible. We will normally make up to two first appointment offers, based on the availability shown in your timetable. We do our best to accommodate personal and academic commitments, but the more flexible you can be in terms of availability, the more likely you are to be seen promptly.

It is generally accepted by academic staff that students prioritise counselling appointments as they would a medical appointment.

There is also a College Website link here:

College-Based Counselling at Girton

Student Drop-In Sessions at Girton College

Two weekly one-off drop-in sessions are available to all students at Girton College who have concerns about their emotional well-being, but are not wishing to access counselling. The sessions are short appointments, which last for around 30 minutes.  They provide an opportunity for students to talk confidentially about their concerns and to find out more about the emotional support available. 

Students can reserve an appointment by emailing UCS Counselling Reception at

Please ensure that you tell us the name of your College and if there is a day/time when you are not available.

The Drop-In sessions are not suitable for students who are feeling at risk or in crisis. In these situations the student should contact their Tutor, College Nurse or Chaplain who can arrange an appointment with a Mental Health Advisor, or  call NHS 111 option 2 to speak with a Mental Health professional or Samaritans on 116 123.