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Confidentiality, Data Protection & Complaints

Code of Ethics & Policy on Confidentiality

The University Counselling Service works to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 'Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions: 2016'. Everything you have put in the Pre-counselling Form, and the content of all counselling sessions is confidential. Under all normal circumstances, nothing will be revealed to anyone outside the service without your express permission.

In very rare circumstances we reserve the right to break confidentiality. These are only where there appears to be a serious and imminent risk to your own or to other's safety, or if we are made aware of serious illegal activities. Even in these circumstances we would normally seek to speak to you first before contacting anyone else. Please ask if you have any questions on this policy.

Data Protection Act 1998

The Service works under the terms of the Data Protection Act. The factual data you put on the Pre-counselling Form, and the dates on which you attend for counselling are stored in a computer database. We use this data to compile anonymous statistics about the use of the service. Your counsellor will also keep notes on your meetings to help them in their work with you. More information is available if required.

The Data Protection Representative for the Student Service is Hanya Czepkowski.


The Service has its own Complaints Policy, complementing the University's procedures and those of professional bodies to which counsellors belong.  Please speak to your counsellor or contact the UCS Reception if you want details.