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UCS Staff Members


All the counsellors, therapists and cognitive behavioural therapists employed in the Counselling Service are professionally qualified and highly experienced. We use the term 'counsellor' to include staff who work in a variety of different approaches, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, integrative therapy and
person-centred therapy.

Associate Counsellors are people who are newly qualified or in the final stages of their professional training and are doing a placement in the Service, typically for one day per week.

Staff can be contacted via the main Service phone number.


Head of Counselling

Géraldine Dufour


Student Counselling Service

Senior Student Counsellors: Polly Brown, Hanya Czepkowski, Sally Swain

Student Counsellors: Jacquie Alden, Margaret Bailey, Fliss Cadbury, Tim Ellis, Gudrun Haraldsdottir, Panayota Manias, Diana Ong, Fran Patrick, Deb Powter, Vanessa Skinner, Anna Zaboronski

Locum Counsellors: Michele Fitzsimmons, Emma Lockhart, Farasat Sadia

Associate Counsellors: Claire Addison, Joanna Lyness, Karen Sweeney, Jessica Wardill 


Mental Health Advisors

Emily Farrar, Ashleigh St Louis

Visiting Psychiatrist

Damaris Koch


Service Administration

Office Manager: Sue Geeson

Executive Assistant: Caroline Stafferton

Receptionist / Administrators: Fiona Hey, Hazel Sanderson, Becky Wright, Ellie Bird