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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

Where to begin...?

There are many sources of self help information available. This information has been written or compiled by staff of the University Counselling Service, responding to clients who have asked us for suggestions.

Please use the links on the below left to access each section.

Common Problems

The section on Self Help for Students contains detailed information on a wide range of topics from anxiety to procrastination.  This includes our own leaflets alongside specific websites, helpful resources and current booklist.

Other Sources of Support

Our Other Sources of Support link lists services within the University and local agencies that provide related support.  There are also links to national counselling and psychotherapy organisations.

University of Cambridge, AccessAble guides.

If you are looking for access information for University Departments, Faculties, Research Centres, Institutes, Museums and other facilities you can use the search function within the main University guide provided by AccessAble:

Or you can search for the information you require by University Site: Please contact the Faculty or Department directly if you have any specific queries about access.