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You can find below a selection of helpful resources.
Please note that whilst we hope that these resources are useful, the Counselling Service does not endorse the opinions expressed by other parties.

The Counselling Service suggests that people check the data collecting practices of online tools and apps that track mental health. 

UCS Leaflet:

Grief and Bereavement


Grief Encounter

Hope Again

Refuge In Grief

Sudden Death

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

The Loss Foundation

The Grief Network (@griefnetwork) • Instagram photos and videos



Cruse - Local and National Support

Moodjuice - Self help Guide

Open to Hope

Help is at Hand Booklet - support after someone may have died by suicide

Way - Widowed and Young

What's Your Grief - an online supportive community



Mind - A-Z Mental Health Leaflets

NHS Choices - Grief After Bereavement Or Loss leaflet

Northumberland,Tyne and Wear NHS Self Help Guide

The Royal College of Psychiatrists - A-Z Leaflets




The descriptions given are intended to provide a summary of the contents but should not be taken to imply that the Counselling Service endorses the opinions expressed.

When Parents Die
Rebecca Abrams, Routledge, 2012

A book written for young people grieving for a parent. The author was a Cambridge student whose father died when she was 18 and she offers support based on her personal experience and that of other bereaved young people.


Sibling Bereavement - Helping Children Cope with Loss
Ann Farrant, Continuum International Publishing, 1998

Written from personal experience, the book also has case histories and commentaries intended to help parents understand their own and their children's reactions. Potentially also useful for adults still grieving the death of a sibling in childhood.


On Grief & Grieving
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth & Kessler, David, Simon & Schuster, 2014

Revisiting of the stages of grief to create an accessible for those left behind. Aim is to help reader to rebalance their lives and find the courage to continue.



A Grief Observed
Lewis, C S, Faber & Faber, 2012

In this classic trial of faith, C. S. Lewis probes the fundamental issues of life and death, and summons those who grieve to honest mourning and hope in the midst of loss.



Overcoming Grief
Sue Morris, Robinson, 2012

A CBT self-help book to help you cope with your grief.




The Courage to Grieve - Creative Living, Recovery & Growth Through Grief
Judy Tatelbaum, Vermillion, 2008

An experienced therapist writes about many aspects of grief, including complex situations such as delayed grieving. There is advice on how to help oneself and others to get through the immediate experience of death and the grief that follows.



Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide
Christopher Lukas, 2007

This book gives valuable insights into living in the wake of suicide and provides useful strategies and support for those affected by a suicide.