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Self Counselling

Self-help books on Self-counselling


There are so many popular psychology texts in the shops that it can be difficult to know where to begin. This set of book-lists was compiled by staff of the University Counselling Service to respond to those students who have asked us what they might read on this topic.

Our selection is not intended to be the 'final word' - we are sure that there are many other good and helpful books out there; in any case we recognise that what is helpful is very subjective and depends on personal circumstances.

Books are listed in alphabetical order by author. Copies of some of these books are available to borrow on a weekly basis from the University Counselling Service.


The descriptions given are intended to provide a summary of the contents but should not be taken to imply that the Counselling Service endorses the opinions expressed.


Date of information: Sept 2013

Be Your Own Counsellor
Sheila Dainow, Piatkus Books, 1997

Step by step guide for exploring the counselling process in a way which may enable people to make the changes they desire in their lives independent of a counsellor. Introduces concepts of the whole self-mind, body and spirit.

Counselling for Toads
Robert De Board, Routledge, 1997

A sequel to Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind in the Willows". Toad is in a depressed state and, through a counsellor (Heron) using transactional analysis, is taught to analyse his feelings and develop emotional intelligence. This book introduces the field of counselling to a first time client or student as it discusses the potential of psychological growth and development.

In Our Own Hands; Book of Self-help Therapy
Ernst & Goodison, Women's Press, 1981

Change for the Better - Self-help through practical psychotherapy
E W McCormick, Cassell, 1996

Aimed at people who feel they want to change, but find anything beyond superficial change difficult. It suggests ways to identify and map out unhelpful behaviour patterns and set achievable goals for change.

Self Counselling
William Stewart, How To Books, 1998

In this self-help book, William Stewart introduces many self-counselling skills and techniques and uses case-studies and exercises with the intention of developing a deeper self-awareness and the ability to solve problems.