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University Counselling Service

Student Counselling

Guidance for students who have experienced serious incidents including sexual violence, harassment or other forms of misconduct

If you have experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual violence, or any other form of harassment (including as a result of a characteristic that you have or have been perceived to have had including relating to your race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender including being transgender) there is support available from University of Cambridge and other organisations.

You may have very mixed feelings about what happened, and whether to tell anyone. People can react very differently and this is normal.

You should not feel under any pressure to act in any specific way. The aim of these guidelines is for you to have access to some of the information that you might want to consider and to support services who can help you to explore your options in a safe and confidential way.

Who to contact if you feel at risk and need urgent help

If you or someone else feel at risk right now and/or if you are injured then you can call the emergency services on 999.

You can also go to your Porters Lodge and they will be able to assist you. For incidents in University premises you can call the University Security Office on 01223 331818.

If you have been subjected to any form of sexual violence within the last 7 days you may want to consider going to The Elms – Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), for a forensic medical examination. The Elms can store evidence for you while you make your mind up about reporting. They can also provide emergency contraception and HIV preventative medication. You should be able to get support with transport to the SARC from your college.

Key messages for you, if you have experienced sexual misconduct, harassment or violence 

Do you want to take some time to think and/or talk things through?

If the situation is not an emergency, you may want to take some time to think things through, or to talk to someone you trust. You might want to contact a friend or a member of staff for support. Some people you might consider talking to are:

Within University or College

In general

Your Tutor/Senior Tutor

A trusted friend

Sexual Harassment and Violence Advisor (SAHA)

A trusted family member

University Counsellor

Your GP

College Nurse or College Counsellor

Practice Nurse

University Security Staff

National or local Helplines

Student Union Advice Service Advisor

Other Counselling Services


External support services