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Waiting Times for Staff Counselling

Waiting times for Staff Counselling

Waiting times for counselling fluctuate considerably depending on how busy the Service is, the urgency and type of support you are needing and your availability. It helps considerably if you can be as flexible as possible about the times you can make appointments; those who wait longest tend to be people with very restricted availability. The appointment times most in demand are lunchtime and after 5pm. Currently waiting times for appointments after 4pm are longer than for earlier times.  If you can attend at an earlier time please indicate this on your form.

There is currently an eight week waiting time, but it could be longer if your availability is restricted. If you would like to consider possible interim options then please look at the Other Sources of Support link on our website or phone the service on 01223 3(32865) and ask to talk to a member of the Staff Counselling team.