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Hold the Hope Support Group

Hold the Hope – A support group for those who have been subjected to sexual violence

What happens in the group?  

This group will provide a safe space for people to develop coping skills, understand the impact of trauma, look at myths and realities and give and receive support from each other. It is not group therapy but an opportunity to explore these issues as a supportive group. 

The group will look at:

  • Trauma and how it affects us physically and emotionally
  • Myths and realities
  • How to cope
  • Expressing feelings and thoughts creatively
  • Self-care and compassion
  • Looking to the future and feeling hopeful 

Who is the group for?

You can attend this group if you have been subjected to any kind of sexual violence. The group is not suitable for people who have been subjected to sexual violence in the last month - we would suggest you consider individual support if this is the case.

In Lent term the Hold the Hope group will be for anyone who has woman as part or all of their gender identity.

In Easter term the Hold the Hope group will be for any gender identity.

When is the group?

The Lent term group will start on Monday 3rd February, from 2.45- 4.15pm, and will run for 6 weekly 1.5 hour sessions. We expect attendees to commit to all 6 sessions. 

If you are already in individual support with our Sexual Assault & Harassment Advisor, speak to her about joining the group. Otherwise, a pre-group exploratory meeting with her will be arranged for you once you register your interest.

How to join

To register your interest in attending this group, please complete the group registration form, which can be found by clicking onto the following link: Complete Groups or Workshop Registration Form online.